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This F1-style, 2-seater passenger Formula Ford racing car is unlike anything else you've experienced. You will be hammering around the circuit with a Professional Driver for the ride of your life!
He won’t hold back, sliding and drifting this machine through the corners, to millimeter perfection, nailing the brake markers way past your expectation as you are pinned into the 6 point harness.
Witness the feeling of the wind blasting over your body and the roar of the engine - just inches behind your head as you power out of the corner. This car has over 2.5Gs of lateral grip, the cornering forces are unbelievable.
If you are after a ride to blow your mind. THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!

Average Duration: Allow 1 hour

About Sydney Motorsport Park

Sydney Motorsport Park is a motorsport megaplex licensed for motorcycle and car racing. The racing precinct is also Sydney's driver safety and training hub.

Gate A Ferrers Road,
Eastern Creek, NSW 2766

Dress Code

If you have your own race gear, feel free to bring them along. Otherwise we supply all safety gear, helmet, boots and suit. Bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and socks.

Spectator Information

Spectators are welcome! (the more cheering the better)

Weather Information

Severe weather may mean the driving is postponed to ensure your safety. Anglo will contact you if the event is not going ahead. Please contact them on 0417 224 244 if you are in doubt.

Other Information

Welcome to the "Drive of Your Life"!

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session start time.

Your family and friends are very welcome! We have indoor and outside viewing areas where they can watch your drive in comfort, or they could also take part in the event depending on availability.

Bring your driver's license if you decide to drive on the day also; international and P-plate licences are acceptable (no license, unfortunately, no driving).

Tea, coffee and water are provided during the day, along with light snacks and other drinks are available for purchase.

Want to take your experience to the next level?

If you would like to supersize your Adrenaline Shot, we have you covered!! If 5 or 10 driving laps is not enough, don't worry, you can upgrade your laps to maximise your experience and get the most out of your day.

On Weekdays - Driving Upgrades from 5 to 10 laps for only $120, 10 to 20 laps for $220 or upgrade to the Premium Package, which is 5 to 20 laps (2 x 10 Lap stints) for only $340.
On Weekends - Driving Upgrades from 5 to 10 laps for only $140, 10 to 20 laps for $240 or upgrade to the Premium Package, which is 5 to 20 laps (2 x 10 Lap stints) for only $380.

Get Family & Friends Involved

Family and Friends who are planning to come out and watch may also have an opportunity to drive along-side you, or be a passenger in the World's First 2-Seater Formula Ford Race Car (depending on availability of the session). Please ask our staff on the day or call us on 9677 9003 for more information.

Get the Video

Want to relive your experience again and again? Why not share it with your family, show your mates in the pub or share it with everyone on Facebook & YouTube? On each of our race cars, we have mounted a top-of-the-range Contour HD Camera which captures in-car footage of every corner, gear change and steering manoeuvre you make as you fly around the track. You won't believe how good it looks!!

A Video Package is available for only $60 for those driving (Note: you will not be able to use your own video camera, because we have a contract with Contour Cameras.)
A 2-Seater Passenger video Package is available for only $30.

2-Seater Passenger Experience

Experience the thrill of riding as a passenger in the World’s First 2-Seater, F1-style race car with one of the Anglo Motorsport Team’s professional drivers! This is an EPIC experience!! You feel the G-forces just like the professionals as you corner faster than you thought possible and accelerate like a demon. This is an experience you do not want to miss. Available from $179.

To avoid disappointment on the day, please understand that our Formula Ford race cars are built to racing safety standards. Participants weighing over 120 kg or over 196 cm (6'4") may not be able to fit in these vehicles. If you are unsure, we can arrange a seat fitting prior to your event. This must be done 30 days before your drive day. Your safety is our priority and refunds within 30 days of your experience will not be provided in these circumstances.


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